Peace and blessings to you from YHWH Temple, also known as Yahweh Elohim International Temple. We are an online spiritual and social development, Hebrew faith based community, kept in the name of YHWH (John 17:11-13). 

Today, YHWH commonly called the four letter Hebrew Tetragrammaton, is pronounced Yahwah and Yahuwah or Yahweh and Yahuweh. The name YHWH is from the Hebrew word Hayah or Ayah which means: To be. The short form of YHWH is pronounced Yah as heard at the end of our most recognized word of praise, HallaluYAH (Psalms 68:3-4 KJV). Please watch the following videos for a better understanding of these sacred Hebrew names and why we use them: 

YHWH-TV: His Name Is Wonderful Part 1 - About The Name "LORD".

YHWH-TV: His Name Is Wonderful Part 3 - About The Name "Jesus".


We are a international community of people who know the truth about the name Jesus and the LORD and we share the good news of YHWH from our hearts (John 17:18-23). We "Seek YHWH while He may be found. Call upon Him while He is near". (Isaiah 55:6 NKJV). Worship with us.

We invite you to have spirit-filled experiences with us as we worship and fellowship together online, in weekly Sabbath services, new moon days, feast days and other faith based special events. Thank you for visiting YHWH Temple. Please watch our YHWH-TV channel and share our website with your family and friends. HallaluYah!