Greetings! Peace and blessings to you from YHWH Temple, also known as Yahweh Elohim International Temple. We are an online spiritual and social development, Hebrew faith based church community, kept in the name of YHWH (John 17:11-13). 

Today Y-H-W-H, commonly called the four letter Hebrew Tetragrammaton, is pronounced Yahwah and Yahweh or Yahuwah and Yahuweh. It is the name of our heavenly Father. The name YHWH is from the Hebrew word Hayah or Ayah which means: To be. The short form of YHWH is pronounced Yah as heard at the end of our most recognized word of praise, HallaluYAH (Psalms 68:3-4 KJV). 

We recognize and acknowledge the power and function of the sacred names as entry keys to areas in the three fold tabernacle pattern that was given to Moses. The tabernacle and temple has three doorways or gates. One for each major area. One for the Most Holy Place or sanctuary, one for the Holy Place and one for the Outer Court. 

YHWH has shown us that the process of salvation was setup and functions according to this same tabernacle pattern in the hearts and minds (human temple) of all who confess their belief in the GOD of the bible and take actions to personally get to know him. These sacred names lead souls to greater truth, greater understanding, spiritual power and produces irrefutable fruit of the Holy Spirit in their lifes. 

For example; Everything has its being within our god (YHWH). When it comes to salvation, one can choose to believe in god or not. If they believe, the process of redemption kicks in and the holy spirit brings more truth to them. If they choose to believe that truth more is given. More truth eventually brings more understanding. 

We believe that the white stone with a new name written on it, as spoken of in Revelation 2:17, has been given to us today, and the new name is the English name JESUS. Today, we can clearly see the power of salvation working in the lives of billions of people who belief in the name of Jesus. In places where there is total spiritual darkness, diabolical deception, ignorance of redemption, doubt and unbelief, one can find the way to salvation, in the name of Jesus (gate of the outer court). A study of the name Jesus leads one to the Hebrew name Yahshua, Yahushua or Yahoshua (door of the Holy Place), which means YHWH Saves and leads one to the name Yahawahshi (door of the Sanctuary or Most Holy Place). Yahawahshi or Yahuwahshi also means YHWH Saves, YHWH Is Salvation or the Salvation of YHWH. (YHWH = Yahweh or Yahuweh, Yahawah, Yahowah or Yahuwah).

Please watch the following videos for a better understanding of these sacred names and why we use them. Please remember that LORD, GOD and JESUS are English words that lead us to the Hebrew names. Greek and Hebrew are languages from which our Holy Bibles are translated. 

YHWH-TV: His Name Is Wonderful Part 1 - About The Name "LORD".

YHWH-TV: His Name Is Wonderful Part 3 - About The Name "Jesus".


We are an international community of people who know the truth about the sacred names and we share the good news of YHWH and his salvation from our hearts (John 17:18-23). We "Seek YHWH while He may be found. Call upon Him while He is near". (Isaiah 55:6 NKJV). 

Please come praise and worship with us. We invite you to have spirit-filled experiences with us as we worship and fellowship together online, in weekly sabbath services, new moon days, feast days and other Hebrew faith based special events. Thank you for visiting YHWH Temple. Please watch our YHWH-TV channel and share our website with your family and friends. HallaluYah!