Greetings! Peace and blessings to you from YHWH Temple. We are an international, Hebrew lifestyle based, online spiritual and social development assembly, kept in the name of YHWH (John 17:11-13).  We thrive to live honorably in the name of the most high and with the blessings of grace and truth given to us by our messiah. Welcome to our online community.

YHWH Temple draws knowledge, wisdom and understanding from the Hebrew and Greek scriptures used to establish what we call the holy bible into English and in other languages. We use many bible word study tools to help in our understanding of scripture. YHWH Temple is headquartered in the United States and therefore English is the primary language of many members of YHWH Temple and it is considered the language of choice in our dissemination of our messages in the world. We welcome all to study with us as they grow in their understanding and divine relationship with YHWH.

YHWH Project is a video we selected to express a common universal introduction of YHWH to all peoples. It's also a good example of the quality of work YHWH Temple seeks to help bring more clarity to the truths of YHWH. If you are one who study to show yourself approved by rightly dividing the word of truth, then YHWH Temple is for you. May the most high YHWH bless you and free your living soul.

YHWH-TV Presents: "YHWH Project".

Today Y-H-W-H, commonly called the four letter Hebrew Tetragrammaton, is pronounced Yahwah and Yahweh or Yahuwah and Yahowah. It is the eternal name of our Heavenly Father. The name YHWH is from the Hebrew word Hayah or Ayah which means: To be. The short form of YHWH is pronounced Yah as heard at the end of our most recognized word of praise; HalleluYAH or HallaluYAH or AllaluYAH (Exodus 3:14-15, Psalms 68:3-4 KJV). Watch the following video for greater clarity of our understanding of the personal name of the god of Israel.

YHWH-TV: His Name Is Wonderful Part 1 - About The Name "LORD".

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