YHWH Temple Visions

Thank you for visiting YHWH-TV also called YHWH Temple Visions. YHWH-TV is our YouTube channel that spotlight the presentations of truth from members of YHWH Temple and other organizations. We know that in our Father's house there are many mansions and that our savior has prepared a special place for us (John 14:1-6). In other words, our heavenly father YHWH, has given believers from many times, dispensations and walks of life a home in His house because of their believe which leads to a special place of glory prepared by the Messiah for each of them. (John 17:24)

We have studied and now know the truth about who is called LORD, GOD and Jesus. Therefore, YHWH-TV does its best to place a spotlight on the works of truth based individuals and organizations who strive to bring greater understanding and clarity to the truth of YHWH as scripture shows it (John 17:17). We identify and honor the others through the use of their productions centered around establishing YHWH's commandments, the purity and use of the sacred names and through the clear messages of truth YHWH has given them for his people today.

Brother Dorrelle, a priest of YHWH Temple searched the internet and found two primary organizations who represent two extreme approaches to the truth of YHWH. These approaches helps us find a balanced understanding for the issue of race found in our physical bodies and in the mind of believers. They are a pair of divine twins setup by YHWH to be two witnesses that shows the truth of YHWH is greater than the ideology of race (Galatians 3:28). Dorrelle says "To me, World's Last Chance presents the true church from an Anglo-Israelite perspective. Their information flows from a Caucasian to Negro point of view and that Kingdom Preppers presents the true church from a Hebrew-Israelite perspective. Their information flows from a Negro to Caucasian point of view. Both deliver very powerful messages in the name of YHWH and appear to be very blessed in manifesting the good fruit of their service."

Enjoy all of the productions from both organizations and remember to share the good news of YHWH-TV (John 17:20-23).