Our Messiah

The Salvation Stone

Is the name of our Messiah Jesus, Yeshua, Yahshua, Yahushua, Yahawashi or does it really matter? ..."for there is no other name under heaven, given among men, by which we must be saved." Acts 4:11-12 (NKJV).


If you just watched the World's Last Chance video about the Savior's name, you might be challenged by what you are about to read. The video clearly shows how the name JESUS came into existence and that it was NOT the name used by members of the first century church. Yes, that is all true! In fact, the English language was not spoken in that age?

However, what the video does not show is that the name Jesus clearly holds the SAME power of salvation in this present age as did Yahushua, the chosen name of that passed age. We pray that YHWH helps us to share the POWER of salvation through the use of the name He has chosen for us to use in our age. In every age, the fruit of His chosen name delivers solid, overwhelming proof of His power to save souls.

What seems to be overlooked or not understood is that His chosen names of the past are edified and enhance by His chosen names that come after them. This brings more value to believers in their salvation experience. New truth seekers and believers are allowed to learn through sharing the lessons learned from believers who used a different chosen name in prior generations. And yes, through the grace of YHWH, those chosen names of yesterday are still actively helping believers of today to learn and gain greater understanding, wisdom and knowledge of YHWH.

Our Priest And King In The Tabernacle Pattern

A study of our Messiah's role as King and High Priest in the structure and operation of the divine threefold tabernacle or temple, reveals the true purpose, power and position of His sacred name. Our study shows that the name a believer calls our Messiah is depended on when and where the believer was saved. The true name of our Messiah, King and High Priest was established with divine purpose and its power to save extends far beyond lands, time, the written and spoken word. Our study shows us three key visions of our Messiah as a stone in scripture.

What is amazing is the realization of what role the salvation stone plays in prophecy, the fulfillment of prophecy and the name of our Messiah place in it. Through the tabernacle pattern we can see that is only our Messiah who is the way to the truth of YHWH and eternal life. He is the gate to the Outer Court, the door to the Holy Place and the veil to the Most Holy Place.

The Salvation Stone In Scripture

As stated earlier, we clearly see three times in scripture where our Messiah can be recognized as a stone connected to salvation. See Daniel chapter two, Acts chapter four and Revelation chapter two.

In Daniel 2:34-35, a statue that represents future empires is given in a dream to an emperor. In the dream a stone is cut from a mountain but not by human hands. It smashes the statue, showing it is greater than all the worldly kingdoms and it filled the Earth. It is believed that this stone is our Messiah and High Priest, the King of Kings, establishing his kingdom on earth.

It is believed that the stone spoken of in Daniel 2 is the same stone spoken of in Acts 4:7-12 and in Revelation 2:17. In Acts 4 Peter, filled by the Holy spirit, confirmed the name of the stone and its power to save.

In Revelation 2:17, a white stone with a new name written on it. It is believed that this white stone is a sign to the end time generation of believers today. That the new name of the biblical messiah is written on that white stone and that name is the English name JESUS.

The prophet Danial, the apostle John and all of the believing world three hundred years after our Messiah's resurrection, had no idea that a new worldwide language called English would come after the Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic languages. Or that the youngest letter created in the new international language, the letter "J", would be used by our Hebrew messiah to establish his new English name. Only the billions of believers of more resent times can identify the biblical Messiah by his new name.

In the world today, we can clearly see in history how the English name Jesus was used on the white stone (the English speaking nations) to conquered many great nations including the Roman Empire. Worldwide, We can also see the power of salvation working clearly in the lives of more than two billion people who belief in the name of Jesus for salvation today. It appears that where people are in spiritual darkness, diabolical deception, ignorance of the plan of salvation, and in doubt or disbelief in the ONE GOD, one can find their way to salvation or the glory of YHWH, by confessing sin in the name of Jesus (the gate of the outer court).

A word study of the name Jesus leads one to the Hebrew name Yahshua, Yahushua or Yahoshua (the door of the Holy Place), which means YHWH Saves or the Salvation of YHWH. The name Yahshua leads one to a pure form of the savior's name Yahawahshi (the door of the Sanctuary or Most Holy Place). Yahawahshi or Yahuwahshi also means YHWH Saves, YHWH Is Salvation or the Salvation of YHWH. (YHWH is pronounced Yahweh or Yahuweh, Yahawah, Yahowah or Yahuwah).

Please watch the following videos for a better understanding of these sacred names and why we use them. Please remember that LORD, GOD and JESUS are the English names that leads all who speak English to Greek and Hebrew names. Greek and Hebrew are languages from which our English bibles are translated. The fact that English is the newest or youngest internationally recognized language. It is the language of the western world. Can one not see how ONLY we who speak English would know the name on the white stone. Did you know that the letter "J" is the youngest letter in the English alphabet and that the popular 1611 version even the King James Bible has no letter "J" in it. It is amazing to all who seek the truth of this matter, how YHWH established this new name for salvation in fulfillment of scripture. Surely His NEW name is Jesus.

We are an international community of people who know the truth about the sacred names and we share the good news of YHWH and his salvation from our hearts (John 17:18-23). We "Seek YHWH while He may be found. Call upon Him while He is near". (Isaiah 55:6 NKJV).

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